Rodeo Double Cab 2007 - 2012 Navigation System - Smart Nav

Navigation System - Smart Nav
  • Available for 2007 - 2012 models
  • Fits Denver, Denver Max, Denver Max LE
  • RRP: £495.83

Online Price: £421.46*

Save: £74.37 (15%)

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Navigation System - Smart Nav

Navigation System With The Push Of A Button

Smartnav is Trafficmaster's easy to use satellite navigation system. Smartnav directs you to your destination stress free - It helps you avoid traffic jams, warns you of safety cameras, provides 24 hour personal assistance for emergency and breakdown and can track your vehicle if it has been stolen.
Today´s roads Driving today is stressful. As a motorist you have much to contend with; traffic jams, poorly signposted roads, safety cameras, accidents, breakdowns, car crime and now road tolls and congestion charging.
Stress Free Driving What would you think if you could a have system in your car that: Gives you simple instructions on how to get to your destination and tells you when you are going to arrive. Alerts you to traffic problems and guides you around them. Helps you avoid congestion charging zones. Warns you of safety cameras. Provides 24-hour personal assistance, in case of accidents or breakdown. Will pinpoint the location of your car and liaise with the police in the event of it being stolen. All at the press of a button on your dashboard! Smartnav, an easy-to-use satellite navigation system, can provide all of this today. How it works… It is a fully flexible system, which can be tailored to your needs with a range of optional services. Call our parts department for full details.

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