Rodeo Double Cab 2007 - 2012 Road Angel Plus

Road Angel Plus
  • Available for 2007 - 2012 models
  • Fits Denver, Denver Max, Denver Max LE
  • RRP: £229.17

Online Price: £194.79*

Save: £34.38 (15%)

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Road Angel Plus

Road Angel Plus is the new market leading GPS hazard warning and safety device, that acts as an extra pair of eyes to keep you alert to approaching danger and improves the safety of every journey .
The Plus supersedes the very successful New Road Angel you are all familiar with and visually they are the same. The main difference being is that the New Plus contains a battery which has up to 8hr continuos use without the need of an unslightly wire from the cigarette lighter. The other subtle difference is the added advisory speed limits information in camera locations. Road Angel Plus with laser alert warns of all Gatso and Truvelo fixed speed cameras and the average speed SPECS cameras as well as all the known accident Blackspots in the UK. The laser alert detects hand held mobile laser cameras and safety camera vans throughout the country.

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