Rodeo Double Cab 2007 - 2012 Folding Tonneau Rigid Plastic (Mohair)

Folding Tonneau Rigid Plastic (Mohair)
  • Available for 2007 - 2012 models
  • Fits Denver, Denver Max
  • RRP: £537.50

Online Price: £456.88*

Save: £80.62 (15%)

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Folding Tonneau Hard Cover Soft Touch Mohair

Folding Tonneau cover, available in a Rigid version, that can be fitted or removed by one person in quite literally 1 minute!!! No drilling, press studs, zips or Velcro fixings to go wrong, and folds to a compact size neatly behind the cab, or removed for easy storage.

The "Rigid" Folding Tonneau, is manufactured from a rigid plastic compound, finished in high quality Mohair type fabric, similar to high class convertible car hoods, offering top class styling and greater security.
NEAT All fixings and mounting rails are out of sight, and permanently attached to the cover, so no loose parts.
EASY Just 4 clamps to align and press down.
QUICK Fitted or removed by one person in 1 minute!
PRACTICAL Vehicle can be driven with Tonneau secure in the open position.
STYLISH High quality materials ensure the best looks.

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